Are they here yet?

July 1, 2008

So it seems that Angelina may have had her twins… of course people were reporting that last month too… so who knows… How messed up are we as a people that we are chomping at the collective bit for one woman to sloosh a couple of tadpoles down her lady log flume?  

In other Angelina news… I am totally going to see Wanted this afternoon… finally… if anyone else is interested it will probably be in Astoria sometime between 3 and 5.

Thanks to Tim for bringing this to my attention… if I had never heard this I would never have known where to set the bar in terms of douchiness:

The douchiest guy in the world

He’s the type of guy that would have this kind of furniture all over his house… who’m I kidding, I’m the type of guy that would have this furniture all over my house:

Ladybits furniture

Ordinarily I hate laugh tracks but I’ve found a new appreciation for them after I realized how good they can be when put on inappropriate shows, like To Catch a Predator:

Sometimes all you need is one scene:

The 19 best cameos in film

Seriously… what is wrong with people… doesn’t anyone enjoy normal sex anymore?  I blame the internet:

Pornstar foot vagina

I want to get a tattoo that says, “The Love Butt,” or I want to get a picture of a squashed bumblebee on the bottom of my big toe:

If tattoos told the truth



One Response to “Are they here yet?”

  1. Postman said

    Dude… the Douchiest Guy in the World… why do any of the rest of us even try to chat up women?

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