My end of the bargain

July 2, 2008

I saw Wanted.  Between that, American Gladiators, and Wipeout… it’s like Jesus threw an awesomeness party and thought only of me while planning it.

Because of all that I really don’t have much to say today outside of… look… I’m trying to keep up my end of the bargain… not that there was ever a bargain… but I’m still trying to blog a little every day… so don’t skimp on the love.

It’s so easy these days to be lazy and say I’m not going to post anything at all… hell, some blogs don’t make it past their first post… just ask these guys:

One post wonders

How bout we throw lots of awesome things together and see what happens… How about… zombies?  Chainsaws?  Claymation? and Maids?:

Would you like to use money to impress hot women?  Do you not have the money necessary?:

8 Countries with hot women and weak pesos

This list is chock full of some of my favorite women.  Claire Forlani was at the top of my list for most of the late 90’s and women almost always look better wet so I kinda had to put this here:

10 Great skinny-dipping scenes

So afraid of terrorists the mere mention of them voids your bowels?  No need to fear, several patents have been filed including one for just such an occasion:

10 Strangest Anti-Terrorism patents

Remember when kids shows seemed designed to give you nightmares?  No?  How bout a reminder:

8 Forgotten kids shows to give you nightmares


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