Enjoy your Independence…ENJOY IT!

July 4, 2008

Happy July 4th.  My gift to you… Megan Fox (of Transformers) is single… it is rumored that she has broken up with B.A.G. of 90210 fame.  it’s a shame.  Who will she go to barbecues with today?  I would like to extend an invite right now… Megan if you’re reading this… you are more than welcome to join me anywhere and anytime… I’m totally sure my girlfriend would be cool with it…

It’s official the internet is running out of things to make lists of:

65 Things that look like Pac-man

Do you like opening virtual doors? Well then this will be hours of entertainment for you:


I’d make some comment about them being pampered and over paid, but I’m pretty sure I know the response I would get:

The middle finger in sports… a photo essay

100 Movies… 2 minutes:

Like chocolate and peanut butter:

Boobs and gameshows


One Response to “Enjoy your Independence…ENJOY IT!”

  1. PandaFace said

    I hope she likes frozen burritos and Sunny D.

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