Bear strippers and more

July 7, 2008

I saw Wall-E yesterday… it was good… it was Pixar so you knew it was gonna be good… not as good as Incredibles, but still one of the best movies this summer.  I giggled, I cried, I basically did everything a 5 year old girl does at the movies.  I also danced with sparklers while topless in the rain on a rooftop for July 4th so pretty much the whole weekend was spent doing things normally reserved for children.

As soon as this trend started up I have been talking about it and can’t get enough… I would love to try it myself but I’m fairly sure my old man joints couldn’t take it:

10 Best examples of parkour in film

Admittedly I can’t play Guitar Hero on expert, but I would decimate this game on the hardest setting:

Vagina Hero

If you need a reminder as to why your mouth is full of fillings and why mornings just aren’t as fun as they used to be:

Retro cereal boxes

It’s not classy to poke fun at the dead, unless they made some batshit crazy last request, in that case… poke away:

13 Bizarre last requests

Have you ever thought… sure, I’d be a Christian but Jesus is just too ______ for me?  Well, come on back to the flock and pick the right Jesus for your needs:

Which Jesus is right for you?

Do you like strippers?  Do you like bears?  How bout a bear working a tree like it’s a stripper pole?  You’re welcome:


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