The good thing about a restaurant job

July 8, 2008

I just slept in til 11 AM on a Tuesday.  That’s one good thing about a non-office job.  I’ll continue to add things to the list to keep reminding myself of the positives.  

I need to spend more time in Japan… seriously… Harumi just got added to my bucket list:

Top 10 Japanese models

I promise when I’m a celebrity to not try to do things I have no business doing:

Top 10 Celebrity sports moments

I am hereby ending work on my radioactive spider experiments, and my quest to become the only highlander:

5 Terrible Life Lessons Hollywood loves to teach you

It’s about time we updated this process:

Laser tattooing

You’ve reached a whole new level of nerdom when you put thought into things like this:

Video game powers you could abuse

The most informative list I’ve seen in a very long time:

Muppet origins


2 Responses to “The good thing about a restaurant job”

  1. Tim said

    That Muppet list is fantastic.

  2. chris said

    My fave Japanese model is Mizuho hata. Cute smile, great bod.

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