Where does the time go?

July 9, 2008

Running late today… sorry…

This one comes courtesy a man named Mike Wehr… I thank you very much for bringing it to my attention… a long time ago I posted a youtube clip of Tyree’s babblings… but this soundboard will give you all of his greatest hits whenever you want:

Tyree soundboard

It’s my intention to at some point in my life have seen all of these movies… at least it was my intention… now I feel like I’m all set:

AFI Top 100 films of all time in 5 words each

How could I not post this?:

The greatest monkeys of all time

I want to make a movie one day where everything explodes… like apples, pencils, human heads… everything… as if it were a Pinto:

5 Most baffling explosions in cinema

The clown that can make these is the only clown I’m not horribly frightened of:

Dirty balloon creations

I believe the children are our future… mostly because they clearly can’t comprehend the past:

25 Historical events as depicted by children


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