July 10, 2008

JonBenet’s killer is still at large.. that was the biggest news item on CNN this morning when I woke up.  This was followed by an article discussing Iran’s second round of missile testing.  So like most mornings I wake up and am immediately reminded why it would have been better to stay in bed.

Some offices have that picture of the kitten on the branch that says, “hang in there,” I want to work in the office that has these:

Hot girl motivation posters

Angry at your computer? Use your mouse to cut the screen up:

Watch it bleed

You want to know why I’m never moving back to Florida… those bastards won’t let a man make love to a porcupine:

10 Bizarre US sex laws

In the, “Of course, they do,” column… Japan has a special museum dedicated to one thing:

Poo museum

I never really thought of it in this way… but Ah-Ha was seriously disturbed… that video was really a precursor to Japanese horror films:

5 Most unintentionally scarring 80s music videos

Of all the weird tattoos in the world… and I’m including the jigsaw guy that was on X-Files.. this guy clearly must have the most issues:

Zombie guy


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