No Sh*t Sherlock

July 11, 2008

Pop quiz … which Sherlock Holmes movie are you more excited about?  The comedy produced by Judd Aptow starring Sasha Baron Cohen as Homes, and Will Ferrell as Watson, or the Guy Ritchie directed drama starring Robert Downey Jr.?   I’m salivating just thinking about both of them.

I have an irrational fear of pop-tarts with no filling… I don’t think there is a name for that yet… how bout emptytartophobia?:

6 Absurd phobias (and the people that have them)

Somehow this list doesn’t include when shortstop Bucky Showenstein lobotomized himself by sneezing while digging in his nose:

Dumbest pro-sports injuries of all time

Other cultures may have their own.. but I have to say America has won another battle:

Booty shake styles

I am really excited for the Olympics… I always say that in the months leading up to it.. but then I lose intrest… but this one has the special designation of being prone to horrible events:

Guide to potential Olympic disasters

I want my tombstone to read, “I’ll be back.”:

Most badass graves

I miss Lobo… not the sheriff… the bounty hunter:

10 Manliest superheroes


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