What an Andy Dick

July 17, 2008

What’s going on in celebrity news today? Andy Dick got a arrested for possession of illegal narcotics and sexual assault of 17 year old waitress while pissing in that parking lot of a BW3. If you are in the least bit surprised by this… then you don’t know who Andy Dick is. Friends of Andy Dick when reached for a comment said, “Duh.”

Badgers are vicious… right? So next time you think a dachshund is sissy dog… think about what it was bred for:

5 Roots of sissy dogs

Note taken… when naming a band don’t name it after a place… it automatically doubles your suck quotient:

25 Bad bands named after places

Thankfully it turns out I’m only slightly warm on the temperature guage:

Are you “that guy?”

Easily my favorite kind of hero… though I am disappointed to see Mel Gibson not making the cut for Payback:

Top 20 movie anti-heroes

There are freaks who like sex with animals, there are people who like sexy lingerie… rarely do the two meet… until now:


So I’m watching this G’s to Gents show on MTV and this was never more evident:

Gangstas, they don’t make ’em like they used to

Sorry … this is a little naughty… but I can’t help it… a girl with a British accent, playing a Wii.. while topless… it’s like Christmas came early:

Emma Frain gets Wii Fit


One Response to “What an Andy Dick”

  1. Postman said


    I am proud to say that my “That Guy” temperature is Absolute Zero.

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