It’s ma birfday

August 24, 2008

It’s my birthday this Wednesday.  You’ll forgive me for making it a movie week… I’ve got other things to do…

Probably more accurate then we’d like to believe… but kudos to them for actually using these scenarios in their advertising:

Another video clip… in the same realm as the other in terms of disturbing content… but this one is a full short film called The Rabbit that uses illustrations from kids books to create a pretty amazing and upsetting little story:

All the Rage

August 18, 2008

Since I spoke with you all last, I have been to Six Flags Great America and Coney Island.  Before you get angry and say, “This is why you haven’t been posting regularly?!?!,” let me tell you… yes.  I really needed both of those…

I’ve been on a couple of auditions, worked a whole buncha hours, saw some shows and occasionally slept.

One of the shows I saw was at Manhattan Theatre Source… it’s called All the Rage, it’s a very very dark comedy and it’s violent… so of course I highly recommend it… they only have a week left, you can get tickets at

Now I must go to work… sorry again for the hiatus… but I’m feeling a little better…  except for the fact that I will be <ahem> years old in 9 days… wow…

I find manatees so much more attractive now… they maybe the sexiest things in the animal kingdom:

8 Words with X-Rated origins

Every year there comes an article with this headline… and yet I still haven’t been able to buy one… if I had, I would have seen at least a billion and 5 manatees by now… at the very least I would have seen Scarlett Johanssen’s manatees:

Invisibility cloak becomes reality

Sesame Street just began it’s 39th season… this years guest stars… Amy Winehouse and Kim Kardashian:

Sesame Street’s questionable celebrity guests

A man who has sex with cows… f’d up.  A man who cuts the eyes out of cows before having sex with them… seriously f’d up.  A man who eats the same brand of cookies while de-eyeing, raping, and killing cows… priceless:

Sex with 400 cows

Okay, after that one this one will seem a little less disgusting… I have to post it because not only is it the biggest list of euphemisms I’ve ever seen… but the term, “fish mitten,” made me laugh out loud for 3 minutes:

More words for a vagina than you’ve ever needed

If you are a regular reader, you know what’s coming next… if I post something questionable I have to put your fears to rest… I am not going to hell.. the bible is much worse:

6 depraved sex acts from the bible

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wish I would find a package of Bonkers on the candy shelf, but I must admit I had forgotten all about PB Max… damn that was a good candy square:

10 Most delicious extinct candies

Why don’t things like this happen to the people responsible for movies like Meet the Spartans

Insane true stories behind 6 cursed movies

Nothing better than ice dancing monkeys… except monkeys ice dancing to the Rocky theme:

And this one is not for everyone… not because it’s gross or anything… but it’s pretty impressive stop motion animation by someone who has a lot of toys and a lot of time, and it’s the only time you’ll ever see these superheroes and villains together:

Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes

August 11, 2008

That’s two down… the celebrity rule of threes dictates that at least one more is going to happen this week.  Amy Winehouse… I’m looking in your direction.

I’ve been away… but I have gotten some things done… I have missed blogging though…  And tomorrow… I’m going to Six Flags.  I think I might be too excited to sleep tonight… that’s how jazzed I am.

This website is exactly what it says it is… and it raises some good points:

ten reasons it would rule to date a

Dude… Venger should so be higher on this list, he scared the hell out of me:

16 Scariest 80’s cartoon villains

In honor of Pineapple Express which I saw this weekend and enjoyed the hell out of:

5 Greatest things ever accomplished while high

This should could keep you busy for the next week or so…:

50 Sexiest music videos of all time

I can’t decide if this is the coolest kid I’ve ever seen or just some BS:

Wow… if you haven’t heard of The Day the Clown Cried, read this article now, it is #1 for a reason:

The 10 Most amazing things that were never released

I have to wait til next weekend to see all of this… but this is a good sign that the Bob Saget Roast will be amazing:

Gettin’ stuff done

August 4, 2008

I got my headshots printed up, re-booted my resume, and even slept a little bit… thanks for the time off everybody. 🙂

Sometimes the design sounds better in your head than in reality:

Cake wrecks

Though a mistake with icing is easily fixable… these are a little more… permanent:

10 Best misspelled tattoos

Why is the Mole on this list?  Why isn’t Sale of the Century?

25 Greatest game shows of all time

I don’t know how they came up with the “creepiest,” because they’re all pretty damn creepy:

5 Creepiest death rituals from around the world

This is just what it says it is…:

Pig with a monkey face

Amy Winehouse comes in at number 11 on this list… poor thing, she just missed it:

Top 10 weird things that men have had sex with