Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes

August 11, 2008

That’s two down… the celebrity rule of threes dictates that at least one more is going to happen this week.  Amy Winehouse… I’m looking in your direction.

I’ve been away… but I have gotten some things done… I have missed blogging though…  And tomorrow… I’m going to Six Flags.  I think I might be too excited to sleep tonight… that’s how jazzed I am.

This website is exactly what it says it is… and it raises some good points:

ten reasons it would rule to date a

Dude… Venger should so be higher on this list, he scared the hell out of me:

16 Scariest 80’s cartoon villains

In honor of Pineapple Express which I saw this weekend and enjoyed the hell out of:

5 Greatest things ever accomplished while high

This should could keep you busy for the next week or so…:

50 Sexiest music videos of all time

I can’t decide if this is the coolest kid I’ve ever seen or just some BS:

Wow… if you haven’t heard of The Day the Clown Cried, read this article now, it is #1 for a reason:

The 10 Most amazing things that were never released

I have to wait til next weekend to see all of this… but this is a good sign that the Bob Saget Roast will be amazing:


2 Responses to “Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes”

  1. Rich said

    The Jerry Lewis The Day The Clown Died video has been removed already. Just so you know. Sounds awful, though.

  2. Faiqa said

    Sigh, Amy Winehouse. I wish God would take her instead in a one time cosmic do-over. Though one Winehouse would probly be worth Hayes’ pinkie toenail. Perhaps we could throw in a few politicians.

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