All the Rage

August 18, 2008

Since I spoke with you all last, I have been to Six Flags Great America and Coney Island.  Before you get angry and say, “This is why you haven’t been posting regularly?!?!,” let me tell you… yes.  I really needed both of those…

I’ve been on a couple of auditions, worked a whole buncha hours, saw some shows and occasionally slept.

One of the shows I saw was at Manhattan Theatre Source… it’s called All the Rage, it’s a very very dark comedy and it’s violent… so of course I highly recommend it… they only have a week left, you can get tickets at

Now I must go to work… sorry again for the hiatus… but I’m feeling a little better…  except for the fact that I will be <ahem> years old in 9 days… wow…

I find manatees so much more attractive now… they maybe the sexiest things in the animal kingdom:

8 Words with X-Rated origins

Every year there comes an article with this headline… and yet I still haven’t been able to buy one… if I had, I would have seen at least a billion and 5 manatees by now… at the very least I would have seen Scarlett Johanssen’s manatees:

Invisibility cloak becomes reality

Sesame Street just began it’s 39th season… this years guest stars… Amy Winehouse and Kim Kardashian:

Sesame Street’s questionable celebrity guests

A man who has sex with cows… f’d up.  A man who cuts the eyes out of cows before having sex with them… seriously f’d up.  A man who eats the same brand of cookies while de-eyeing, raping, and killing cows… priceless:

Sex with 400 cows

Okay, after that one this one will seem a little less disgusting… I have to post it because not only is it the biggest list of euphemisms I’ve ever seen… but the term, “fish mitten,” made me laugh out loud for 3 minutes:

More words for a vagina than you’ve ever needed

If you are a regular reader, you know what’s coming next… if I post something questionable I have to put your fears to rest… I am not going to hell.. the bible is much worse:

6 depraved sex acts from the bible

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wish I would find a package of Bonkers on the candy shelf, but I must admit I had forgotten all about PB Max… damn that was a good candy square:

10 Most delicious extinct candies

Why don’t things like this happen to the people responsible for movies like Meet the Spartans

Insane true stories behind 6 cursed movies

Nothing better than ice dancing monkeys… except monkeys ice dancing to the Rocky theme:

And this one is not for everyone… not because it’s gross or anything… but it’s pretty impressive stop motion animation by someone who has a lot of toys and a lot of time, and it’s the only time you’ll ever see these superheroes and villains together:


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