It’s ma birfday

August 24, 2008

It’s my birthday this Wednesday.  You’ll forgive me for making it a movie week… I’ve got other things to do…

Probably more accurate then we’d like to believe… but kudos to them for actually using these scenarios in their advertising:

Another video clip… in the same realm as the other in terms of disturbing content… but this one is a full short film called The Rabbit that uses illustrations from kids books to create a pretty amazing and upsetting little story:


3 Responses to “It’s ma birfday”

  1. Faiqa said

    I can’t seem to pinpoint whether the woman pulling out her mom’s teeth or the back hair on the fat guy was more disgusting.

    As for the second video, my daughter jumped up in my lap to watch. I saw the knife come out and hit pause. I feel good about my decision to watch it later.

    Have a very happy, happy birthday.

  2. Kimmie said

    Happy belated birthday, Chris! Hope you had fun!

  3. robinjade said

    It’s STILL your birfday?! sigh, guess i’ll drink another one to you and try again tomorrow. XD
    hope you had a good one

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