A sunrise on the beach

September 15, 2008

It’s 6 in the morning… I’m on my vacation in Florida… I’ve been up since 4:30… not sure why… the girl is still sleeping but I’m going to wake her in a minute to go watch the sunrise. 

My life is changing a lot and rapidly at that… I just didn’t want you guys to think I’d abandoned you.

The plan for tomorrow is Universal Studios… I’m going to ride the Simpsons, and the Mummy about 50 times.  Wednesday night back to NY.  Thursday work a full day shift, then work the opening night party for Tale of Two Cities on Broadway.  So at least I will be able to rid myself of all that pesky relaxing that I’m doing these four days by nose diving straight into 2 jobs when I get back.

While it is parody, this is the way we’re headed and it scares me:

85 Works of art improved by technology

The Shining remains the best one ever done:

Top 10 movie trailer remixes

You may tell me you don’t have any desire to watch a monkey take a shower in a sink… then I may call you a fool or a liar:

Monkey showering in the sink

Heck, it’s much easier than sitting through all 6 of them:

Every Rocky film in 5 seconds

Remember me?

September 9, 2008

Sorry I’ve been away so long… it’s been a rough couple of weeks.  Everything will be cool though.  Going to Florida next week.  Hit the beach.  Pray for no hurricanes.  I kinda need the vacation.


What’s better than an action movie?  An action movie with a hot chick:

26 Badass action movie babes

It’s actually easy to confuse the two:

Christian Bale or Kermit the frog?

When I become president, I wonder what I will be remembered for?:

6 great us presidents their crimes against humanity