Hallowed ween

October 31, 2008

It’s just about 1am on Halloween…

I didn’t go out because frankly I wear a costume everyday at work, and I just don’t feel like being social.  I’m going to watch the DVR’d Office and go to bed.

I’ve been kind of a hermit the past couple of weeks working on some personal things, trying to spend more time by myself… I have a friend in town this weekend and another one coming next week so I will be a little more social but then I may return to hermit-land.

I just thought I would pop in and give an update… sorry it wasn’t anything exciting, but it’s part of my masterplan to become more boring.

So as to not be entirely solipsistic I should put something here to make it worth your while to stop by… and these make me smile more than they should… not just 80s videos but 80s videos with new lyrics to match the video:


One Response to “Hallowed ween”

  1. Postman said

    Hi, Chris. I thought you was dead or moved to Jersey or something.

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