Popeye’s Chicken and Fledging

November 24, 2008

What you see above is a fried chicken wing I purchased from Popeye’s Famous Chicken and Biscuits in Long Island City, NY.  Attached to said wing you will see not one but two feathers.  These bad boys survived the de-feathering process (which consists by the way, of the carcasses being strapped to a conveyor line and run through a machine of rubber “fingers” designed to beat off feathers. The limp bodies are moved through a sequence of machines, each optimized for removing different sets of feathers. At this point the carcasses are usually singed by passing through a flame that burns off any remaining feathers… giggle… I said, ““beat off” feathers.”), dissection of the flesh, shipping, freezing, and flash frying.

The photos were taken because of my abject disgust at their existence.

As my friend Richard pointed out by humorously personifying the feathers… they watched as their friends were ripped from their host, they watched the removal of the limb they call home, and just when they thought it couldn’t get any worse, they were covered in batter and fried.

I thought, I’m going to complain, this is repugnant… then I realized… what do I have to complain about?

Dear Popeye’s,

I was saddened to open my box of chicken only to be reminded that the thing I was eating used to be a living breathing bird.  In the future I hope that you do not give me an aide-memoire of my own foods mortality.  Know that in the coming months I will only be eating chicken strips from your establishment so I can continue to maintain the illusion that chicken comes from some kind of food tree you keep in a warehouse.

Thank you,

Reversible Panda

Maybe the feathers make it healthy… that’s no stranger than the stuff some people believe:

7 Food myths the internet thinks are true

I have developed a new crush… this girl is on a cable network called G4, because of her little watched cable channel status, she joins women like Giada De Laurentiis (number 2 on this list – 20 Hottest celebrity chefs)as a woman who is the sole reason I watch the network they are on:

10 Hottest Olivia Munn moments

I, as most actors do, am often complaining that I need a new headshot… I’m very happy with the one I’m using now… even happier when I realize how bad it could be:

Holy headshot

I don’t think I have any real phobias.. I just get extremely uncomfortable around people wearing silly hats:

A to Z of bizzare phobias

We have only 60 days left to the Bush presidency… the only downside I see to that is my friend James will get less work… you may recognize him as the Bush from Harold and Kumar… :

Face to Bush

Reminds of the time I got stopped at the little xray machine because I forgot I had a pair of handcuffs in my bag… long story:

10 Freaky moments in airport security


3 Responses to “Popeye’s Chicken and Fledging”

  1. Postman said

    Sweet jumping Jesus on a pogo stick, Chris! I just, (and I’m not exaggerating for effect), two minutes before I read this – finished a meal from Popeyes. What if I hadn’t stopped off at someone else’s blog before coming here?

    On the other hand, I’m glad to see you’re tapping the keyboard again, (and not in a dirty way this time).

  2. Tim said

    More feathers means more iron!

  3. robinjade said

    let’s see…halloween, thanksgiving-ish…we’re due for a christmas post soon? please?

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