Among other things

October 13, 2009

So… it has been… a while… here’s what’s been going on with me… I quit my restaurant job back at the end of August. I am now working for a website… (more on that later when we launch to the public)… I was interviewed on the Tyra Banks show (more on that when I find out when it’s airing… maybe… I haven’t decided if it’s something I am ashamed of yet)… and I shot my first national commercial campaign… more on that right here:

Now before you watch this… I pop up once at about midway through pointing at a sign that says “Boston,” and then I get the button line at the end regarding the limp pizza in my hand… I know, I know, it’s all very exciting… check it out and be in awe of my years of theatre training:

NHL Center Ice

These guys won a talent show which for lack of bi-lingualism I will call Denmark’s Got Talent.  I have now watched a bunch of their you tube videos… I’ll leave it to you to see if you want to do an all out search for them after watching the one clip… I just love this stuff… I give you Nick & Jeppe:

Sometimes people have brilliant ideas when they are on mind altering substances… Salvador Dali once claimed, “I am drugs.”  Thomas Pynchon was rumored to have written Gravity’s Rainbow while on acid… there is now a site for people to log their “brilliant” ideas that come to them when they are high.  While revelations like, “i think all things in the world should be made of carpet. that way, instead of like, breaking bones, or shit like that, all you get is rug burn,” and, “What if there were bullets that healed you when you got shot by them? You could help sick people by shooting them!” aren’t Gravity’s Rainbow… they certainly are entertaining:


Speaking of things people come up with when they are high…

Get On My Horse

Color me surprised… turns out I am a fun-lover after all:

How do you hold your drink?

Sometimes we all need a pep talk… this is a great, all-purpose, get pumped-up mash-up of famous movie motivational speeches:

I will use those speeches to motivate me to come back to writing more often.  In the meantime, let me know if you’re still reading and enjoying and I will try to get back to updating regularly.   Hope you are all well.


One Response to “Among other things”

  1. robinjade said

    of course! you are still my homepage. well, you and glad you’re back

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