Next week is… to be determined…

October 22, 2009

So 1 week from yesterday… Wednesday the 28th is the night of the Dare Project, I’ll be playing a retired alcoholic party clown.  Weird right?  Weirder still… it is also the day my episode of Tyra will be airing… check local listings… I only have about 10 seconds of camera time as I answer one question posed to me by Tyra and there will be a montage of the mixer I attended, I apologize in advance if I look like a tool… I probably will, they bought me drinks what could I do?  Anyway… I look forward to everyone making fun of me and rightly so… I agreed to be on Tyra for Chrissakes.

If you are in NY come to the Dare project that night and make fun of me in person after the show:

Dare Project

Moving on to less personal matters… in a way… Confession time… I have never really been a “boob guy.”  That’s not to say I didn’t appreciate them… but lately I’ve been admiring them a bit more… not in like a dirty way… ok well a dirty way… I’m not a pervert or anything, I’m just saying I have developed an affinity for them… not affinity… maybe fondness… I’ll stop talking:

10 Hottest D-cup celebrities

I am contractually obligated to mention this since I found it… I cannot recommend it to anyone, but I may have to buy it, if you beat me to it, please let me know how it is:

Spreadable bacon jam

Put on your awesome hats cus this site is exactly what it says it is:

Rad Dudes

Sorry… I know it’s a short one today… but I got things to do, so you’ll take what I give you and be happy with it… I’ll leave you with this though:


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