October 28, 2009

Three hours from my writing this, the episode of Tyra on which I appear will air.  7 hours from my writing this I will be on stage in the West Village playing an alcoholic party clown.  And you thought your life was weird.

There are sprinkles of me throughout the preview for todays episode on the Tyra show, you can blame Tyra’s stylist for giving me Kate Gosselin’s hairdo:

Tyra’s 3 Words Episode

A lot of kids seem to think that if they doodle on their school notebooks and have vivid imaginations, one day they will make comic books for a living.  That lasted about an hour for me in the third grade.  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun making your own comic strips.  I made this little piece of art in about 5 minutes.

Can you top that?  Probably… Stop judging and make your own:

Marvel Create Your Own Comic

Because I like smooth segues, the fact of the matter is comics can be about whatever you want.  Hell, Aquaman has been around for decades and he can’t do shit:

Aquaman comics if Aquaman realized how much Aquaman sucks

Years ago I posted something about the Russian doctor who was transplanting dog heads, and the powder that regrew a thumb… science marches on… I found this list of those and 23 other things that will make your brain melt:

25 Horrifically real science experiments

I don’t have to explain why this is here do I?

Bacon art

The internet has created some interesting things usually the product of someone ith a lot of time on their hands… this is no exception but is exceptionally cool.  The Pulp Fiction audio mash-up:

What can I say?  I’m a Muff-fan:

Mormon Muffin Calendar


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