Nothing to report

November 11, 2009

Busy with lots of stuff… things happening… enjoy your day.

Officially my favorite thing of the day:

Worst thing

Japanese people are ruthless when it comes to hidden camera pranks… case in point… they usually involve making someone thing they’re about to die:


Here in A-Muh-rikA!  We’re a bit simpler:

While I don’t mean for the RP (Reversible Panda) to become a video only blog… as evidenced by the video above… there are just too many weird ass things that people will put on youtube… this next one is admittedly stupid, but I have to admit I’ve never seen anyone do it like this… How to Eat a Chicken Wing:

For those of you who aren’t blessed to live in NY and experience the joy that is chinatown, I will explain this in the simplest terms possible.  You know that movie that’s coming out next summer that you’re really excited to see?  You can already buy a bootleg of it in chinatown… and they haven’t even finished shooting it yet.  It really is incredible.  The photoshop wizards they have designing the DVD covers however… occasionally miss the mark… by a lot:

15 Worst DVD Bootleg covers of all time

Long live monkey goat

November 5, 2009

Like most philosophical debates… I was speaking with my friend Fred about theology and atheism and the discussion inevitably culminated in his sending me a link to this video:

Long live monkey goat.

Ok… Fred wins the finding weird shit on the internet award for the day… I’m running on empty and he just followed up monkey goat with, “Girls on Skateboards”

Put on your cuteness goggles… I’ve been waiting for us, as a people, to domesticate wolves for some time now, and it seems aside from Lorenzo Lamas, the Latin Wolf, we have made no strides.  This gives me hope and tides me over:

Dog adopts wolf cub

There are a ton of mash-ups all over the internets of clips from movies and cool techno songs made with soundbytes… but this is the first one I’ve seen that actually uses the dialog from movies to make the (rhyming I might add) lyrics to the songs: