April 12, 2010

Ok… so I know haven’t posted as regularly as I used to… in fact barely posting at all… to all of those that cared enough to send nasty emails… I’m SORRY. Mea Culpa! But here’s the thing. I’ve been working way too hard on this new project… and I just don’t have the time anymore… I will try to stop in occasionally, I promise… but in the meantime, in case you hadn’t heard… my blog got noticed by some people back in the day and it landed me this new gig.
The gig is
Alan Cumming is officially launching the site tonight on Jimmy Fallon. I’ve got confessional style interviews with Jason Bateman, Sam Rockwell, Marisa Tomei, and more on the site, with more to come…
Check it out. Join the site. Add some stuff. If the site blows up huge which (fingers crossed) it will… I will be much busier for a while… but then I will be much more relaxed and maybe post more stuff in here instead of passing out immediately from exhaustion every night.
As a helper… I will direct you to some of my favorite groups on itsasickness.
Just cus it’s awesome:
70s Movies

I started this group because I still giggle at people’s pain:
Epic Fails

Because he’s my Jesus, and my ring tone:
Edward Hill

Because I live with her:

Because it’s my girlfriends favorite group:

And finally, because it’s me and if you know my blog, then you’ll understand:

Oh wait… one more… because I’m into self-aggrandizement:
Staff about page


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