A Quicky

June 7, 2010

Since I’ve been away for so long… I decided I should give you something nice.  I’ve watched it too many times today, and now you will too:

Not really their PR, but funny:

BP Global PR twitter feed

Worth it for the beans reactions… (that doesn’t make sense, I know):

Screaming beans

It’s funny… there are some celebrities who as children, you would’ve thought thay’d turn out much better looking… others, it’s astonishing how well they’ve aged.  (Mario Lopez wins the Dick Clark Dorian Grey award):

Celebrities then and now

It astounds me that there are still codes out there that haven’t been broken.  We have umpteen computer programs that crack codes and yet someone can write something like, “Givl upi mrtf, upi;; mrbrt dp;br yjod” and no one will figure it out for years.  (by the way, the example is a cipher that I made up… it is solvable… if you’re smart enough to figure it out mwah hahahaha):

11 Legendary Uncracked Ciphers

Here’s where I talk about porn.  yes… PORN.  Who doesn’t love porn?  OK, I only mentioned it 3 times because I’m sure it will totally raise the number of hits to my site… how do I know this?  Check out the stats man!:

College pranks 🙂  Stealing mascots, panty raids… I once put a toilet in a fountain.  These guys win:


And now… I leave you with… Keanu reeves eats everything:


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