It’s my first bit of exclusive celebrity gossip. Only because I witnessed it myself… all these rumors going around that A-Rod is having an affair with Madonna… I say nay. I passed by A-Rod’s apartment on Park Ave in Manhattan yesterday and watched Ingrid Casares (best friend to Madonna) walk out of his building. A couple of the paparazzi there recognized her but didn’t pay her much mind… 10 minutes later I wathed A-Rod strut to his awaiting SUV decked out in a suit for the parade.

My theory… it’s not Madonna but her best friend Ingrid who is having the affair with Rodriguez. You heard it here first.

In other news… Meet Dave came out this weekend:

50 Movies that out grossed Meet Dave‘s opening

There is now a fake documentary about the making of Tropic Thunder that has been online for a while along with pages for it’s of it’s stars.. but I felt as if I had to share this picture from Ben Stiller’s characters page for obvious reasons:

Lets hope that the Riddler isn’t the next villan Christopher Nolan tackles… because it’s going to be hard to wipe the taste of these out of my mouth:

Top 10 Riddler riddles

Learn Judo in 30 seconds and start to physically hurt after just watching 15 seconds:

I have a love/hate relationship with stupid people… they provide me hours of entertainment but they occasionally make all of our lives difficult:

Customers from hell

This are much easier to understand than the bathrooms at a certain restaurant I may or may not work at:

Bathroom signs