So long Scrabulous

July 29, 2008

It finally happened Scrabulous has been disabled for US and Canadian facebook users.  Thank god I don’t have a desk job anymore… otherwise I’d be really pissed.

I don’t have much else to talk about this morning and I’ve got lots of errands to run before work so… I’ll just post a video compilation of news slip ups that includes my favorite, “But, he’s gay… uh.. gay… blind.  He’s blind.”  Though I have to say the Black and Gus clip is pretty awesome too:

I keep saying i’m going to start saving my bellybutton lint and make a throw pillow… but I never committed for fear of being committed:

6 Terrifying items that people collect

I don’t agree with everything on this list but any list that includes Tony Jaa twice deserves to be posted especially since reports have just surfaced from the set of his new movie that he has been missing since June… please come back Tony, we miss you:

Top 6 fight scenes of the past 6 years

So many that were unnecessary when I would have given anything for my own Arvid from Head of the Class action figure:

10 Most undeserving celebrities to get action figures

When I was a teacher I used to give partial credit to creative answers like these… I’m all about thinking outside the box:

Answers to exam questions

We have to get past the idea that all babies are cute… they’re not… some are awful.. accept it:

10 ugliest celebrity babies