F’ the girl scouts

July 24, 2008

I had a long day yesterday… a really long day… towards the end of said day I entertained a group of 40 girl scouts and their counselors (or den mothers or whatever the hell they are called).  I gave them special attention, I danced with all of them (until my knees hurt), took pictures with all of them (until my soul was gone), sang songs for them (until my throat was sore)… they probably gave me a really nice tip right?  No… not a damn thing.  I don’t mean they were cheap, like they handed me a couple of ones… I mean, not a damn thing.  Nothing.  That’s why I say f’ the girl scouts and their cookies.

Ah, celebrities, is there anything they won’t endorse?:
Top 10 celebrity ads

Woo Hoo, we’re number 8!  But will someone explain to me how Baton Rouge made the list and is the only city in Louisiana to do so.  My hometown, New Orleans, isn’t even representing in the top 100… I call Shenanigans:

100 Drunkest cities

WARNING for everyone who is not Tim Sheridan: You will probably not find this as funny as I do and will be angry at me for bringing it to your attention.  First there was 2 girls 1 cup… then for a long time there was nothing… because how could you top that?  Well… here comes 1 girl 1 cake.  I will tell you exactly what it is so you can’t get mad at me, and you definitely shouldn’t watch this one at work or public library.  It’s a girl sitting bare assed on a chocolate cake and farting.  That’s all:

1 Girl 1 Cake

It’s about time someone wrote a rap song about the FUPA:

No thanks, I’m good:

Black Q-Tips

And, finally I’m going to end today on a serious note… just an FYI article:

25 most vicious iraq war profiteers