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July 25, 2008

I got nuthin for today… I’m still dealing with 1 girl 1 cake… so I’ll just give you this animated gif that makes me giggle:

There was this fast food place by my house in New Orleans called Rax… it was like a Roy Rogers, or an Arby’s, basically just roast beef sandwiches.  I was eating one in the restaurant and bit down on what felt like a piece of metal. Turns out their roast beef is shipped in a can and the opener had shaved off a large hunk of metal which wound up in my sandwich.  They presented me with a free sandwiches for life card as an apology.  Then I was left with a conundrum, do I really want to eat roast beef sandwiches that I know came from a can even if they’re free:

7 Bizarre Fast Food Industry Lawsuits

Speaking of almost choking to death on a sharp piece of metal:

7 People who cheated death and then kicked it in the balls

Know you will know who to thank next time you are at a sporting event and can’t see the field/court because the asshole in front of you has a giant foam finger:

The history of the foam finger

If we find out that Jim Henson is alive and well, I will be ecstatic!!!  Probably not… but even so it’s nice to see new Muppet videos:

Mysterious viral Muppet clips

I don’t think I ever needed to know this much about semen and/or vaginal secretions, but for those of you who needed this much information:

Everything you need to know about… fluids

Advice I seriously need to take:


Errands to run

July 15, 2008

Hey, here’s a blog… I’m gonna go do stuff…

Until they start working on that gun that turns people into cotton candy from Killer Klowns From Outer Space… I’ll be in bed:

5 Sci-Fi weapons that are actually in development

Thankfully the writer didn’t do the Mel Gibson sex-tape… the description of costumes and anti-semitic slurs would have been too much to deal with:

Celebrity sex tape what-ifs

Remember that scene in Outbreak or any other virus disaster movie when they show how fast it will spread? Okay, keep that in mind and watch this:

The spread of Wal-Mart

I certainly hope we put every episode of ALF in there except label them, “Area 51: Documentary footage.”:

100 Things we’re not putting in the time capsule

I’m never not going to post a list that involves Stewie or Quagmire… just accept it:

Stewie’s most diabolical 10 moments

This one is for Tim who really enjoyed the last Muppet list… this one is accessible for everyone… trust me:

Celebrities and the Muppets they look like (I linked to my favorite one toward the end of the list)

I just slept in til 11 AM on a Tuesday.  That’s one good thing about a non-office job.  I’ll continue to add things to the list to keep reminding myself of the positives.  

I need to spend more time in Japan… seriously… Harumi just got added to my bucket list:

Top 10 Japanese models

I promise when I’m a celebrity to not try to do things I have no business doing:

Top 10 Celebrity sports moments

I am hereby ending work on my radioactive spider experiments, and my quest to become the only highlander:

5 Terrible Life Lessons Hollywood loves to teach you

It’s about time we updated this process:

Laser tattooing

You’ve reached a whole new level of nerdom when you put thought into things like this:

Video game powers you could abuse

The most informative list I’ve seen in a very long time:

Muppet origins