As a native of New Orleans I am passing along some sad news. Perhaps our biggest local celebrity, Al Copeland, passed away on Sunday. Al was the founder of Popeye’s chicken. He since opened several fine dining restaurants in the city but the nation knows him for his chicken chain. I will remember him for several years of fond childhood Xmas memories. He had a house with a huge lawn that every year he decorated with 30 foot high electric snowmen and reindeer, we would drive over and get in the line to circle his house in the car and gawk at the extravaganza. Perhaps tonight I will stop and get a buttermilk biscuit and think of him.

I am absolutely astounded at this… if today was April 1st I would throw the shenanigans flag and walk away with a smile… but apparently this is for real and might just be the most amazing thing I have ever read:

The human body capable of regeneration (with the use of pig bladders!?!?)

There is one book in particular on this list that several friends have read and truly do believe in… I think it’s utter bullshit, but I also believe that if it gives them strength and a positive outlook, good for them. It’s just not for me. I will however continue to laugh behind their backs:

8 Self-help books that will do nothing of the sort

Someone have kids so I can get them this thing and then come over and play with it:

Cardboard Cubby

Here’s a phrase I never thought I’d see, “toilet paper algorithms.”:

How do you use your TP?

When you are talking about a design school in the Netherlands, some of the stuff is going to be ‘out there,’ but I really want the lamp that knits its own shade:

Design Academy Exhibit

I posted a clip yesterday from Jackie Chan’s upcoming film… this list is the reason why I will probably go see just about anything he does:

Top 10 Jackie Chan Stunts

An odd idea for a project, probably wouldn’t work in my neighborhood as I would either wind up with 24 pictures of some guys junk or not have a camera after about 5 minutes:

Stranger photos have happened

Star Wars isn’t really one of my favorite things. It’s like Stones vs. Beatles with Trek vs. Wars. The only difference being… I don’t really feel passionate about either. I will however continue to find things like this and post them because it’s the internet. There will never be a dearth of Star Wars related material on the inter tubes:

10 Best Star Wars related videos

I have owned the musical film Reefer Madness for quite sometime… I just haven’t gotten around to watching it… tonight I will go home and rip my apartment to pieces to find it… I had no idea it was this good… and by this good I mean, I didn’t know Kristen Bell wore a dominatrix outfit… I just made my own day:

It says a lot when you think, “You know, sticking a lemon into your hoo haa is a pretty sane and rational way to prevent pregnancy… comparatively.”:

10 Terrifying forms of contraception through history

I scored 8 out of 11, I guess that makes me a connoisseur:

Cleavage or ass crack

Not included in this list… practicing zen calligraphy on your face with a razor:

6 Ways to get street cred without breaking the law

I knew there would be a second coming… but… heaven must’ve f*&’ed up some paperwork, because this is not what I was expecting. I thought he might take a different form, a flamingo, a daschund, an asian woman… but a cheeto? :

All hail Cheesus