This is an open letter to my loved ones… I’m sorry I’ve been an absentee friend lately.  I’m still working a lot of things out… I have to leave for work in a little bit and I’m going straight from work to do an improv show tonight. Tomorrow I’m trying to get some sketch stuff in the can and then going to work… the only time I ever seem to have it’s either spent with my girl, or used for some much needed alone time… if things open up I will become more present in all your lives… I promise.

No sends letters anymore… it’s all about email… however, if some of these were actually made I would totally start hand writing more often:

Rejected stamp series

Apparently there is a character on British television named Reggie who faked his own death, hence the term, “Doing a reggie.”  The Brits loving giving things little nicknames… but, “Doing a Reggie,” sounds a lot dirty than what they mean:

How to fake your death and get away with it

If you don’t know what bukake is… it’s like playing soggy biscuit with a womans face in place of the biscuit… if you don’t know what soggy biscuit is… i’m totally not explaining that one… frankly I’m just impressed that the producers of a bukake film shoot are so profesh’:

Bukake payment request form

Some people would say that the above is an aberration, a bizarre sexual practice that has no place in this world… these are those people:

5 Sex Experts who made the world a worse place

All this hype and love over Heath Ledger… i kinda hope that they don’t use his footage for that new Terry Gilliam movie he started work on… it’s nice to see an actor go out on a high note:

9 Best final performances