May 30, 2008

Well, Lost happened last night… in the interest of those who have DVR/Tivo’d it and not watched yet… I will refrain from talking about it just yet.  I am happy with where they are going with it.

I still haven’t received my Bush money… as per my social security number it won’t be til the end of next month.  I’m still waiting to hear back on that one job… I’m having another one of those weeks at work where I can’t believe how much I put up with for how little I make.  C’est la vie.

I may have another just for fun video clip post for tomorrow… sorry I didn’t have much to say up top yesterday or today… I think that happens when I’m long winded on a Wednesday.   I’ve been kinda busy working on the next dare project.  If you’re in New York, come on by Wednesday night… two shows 7_30 and 9:30 make your reservations at

Given Joe Montana’s love of the drink… his daughter is likely to be a party girl… and bonus… she’s really hot:

10 Hottest sports figure daughters

In the interest of compare and contrast with the above… It’s fascinating how this works… it seems to me that the uglier the rock stars the hotter the daughters:

Hot rock star spawn

There was an episode of Penn & Teller’s Bullsh*t where they convinced several people to have snail trail facials… the idea of having birdpoo smeared on my face is actually more preposterous than that:

9 Terrifying beauty tips

Every list like this I find includes the beat up Aryan guy and the guy that looks like Beavis… this one has my new favorite… guy who was picked up for drug paraphernalia (how did they guess?!)… :

20 Odd Mugshots

Phil Hartman is one of those actors who I had always hoped I would get the chance to work with, he and Chris Farley really hit me hard:

7 Most tragic SNL deaths

Thanks to Tim for bringing this one to my attention, he also states, “…Both Obama and McCain need to come out with a plan for what we’re gonna do about robots and their telepathic monkey overlords…”


I’m far removed from the age where you are allowed to think farts are funny… and yet… :

10 Celebrity farts caught on camera (By the look on Regis’ face, I’m pretty sure he shit himself)

I’m all down with rating action franchises… but with only 2 “good” movies I wouldn’t have put Spiderman in the top 5 and I certainly wouldn’t have called it, “The Spiderman.”:

Top 20 action franchises

In college we used to drop Jolly Ranchers into our vodka… but this sounds like it would work nicely, I am a little skeptical of his Rolo vodka claim however:

How to make Skittle flavored vodka

Among other things… having Bruce Springsteen and Tony Danza finally decide who is boss… is inspired:

Shit America Needs

Everytime you re-load the page you get a new picture, the rules state that you are supposed to say, “Om nom nom nom!” to yourself as each picture pops up. Stupid yes. A waste of time definitely:

Nothing I say can prepare you for this:

Vagina bike